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Finance your Business

A. Equity finance, venture capital and private equity are all terms used to describe finance provided in return for a share in the ownership of the business. The finance provided is often a combination of shares in the business and loan finance.

A. Yes, of course. We only buy a minority stake and leave you in charge.

A. Usually it will include loan and equity funding together, but each project is structured individually.

A.Independently owned, growing businesses, or a management team looking at an acquisition by way of a management buy-out (MBO) or buy-in (MBI).

Companies must be based in our operating areas (check your post code here).

A wide range of business sectors can be assisted, including manufacturing, business to business services and technology–based businesses. We cannot assist local retailers or personal services.

Whilst our maximum investment is £1,000,000 we can often introduce other partners if your funding requirement is greater.

Your business must be viable.

A. Working capital, equipment purchase, premises, relocations, management buy-outs (MBOs), management buy-ins (MBIs) and other funding requirements across many business sectors including manufacturing and services to businesses.

A. We do not need security or personal guarantees in order to make an equity investment. If security is available, it may help us provide you with a better deal.

A. We always reserve the right to appoint a non-executive board member but we will only do so where there would be a clear benefit to your business.

A. Details are provided here.

A. Most equity investments take around 3 months to complete. If there are specific deadlines that you need to work to, please discuss timescales with us.

A. Most of our equity investments are either sold back to the company or if you decide to sell your company, we will sell our shares alongside you. Unlike other investors, we do not force an exit within specific time frames.


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