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UK Steel Enterprise means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but at the heart of everything we do there is one philosophy – we are passionate about giving something back to those communities that have been affected by changes in the steel industry.

As we approach our 40th year in existence, it’s good to reflect on how we are doing and why it is vitally important that we continue to invest in our steel areas.

The phrase Corporate Social Responsibility is de rigueur nowadays, but this is what UKSE has been doing for almost four decades as a subsidiary of British Steel, Corus and now Tata Steel. And throughout that period, our parent company has demonstrated a huge commitment to steel areas supporting our work with hard cash and other resources - in terms of providing services to UKSE and in supporting its board.

But why bother? Well, quite frankly, it’s the right thing to do – and it really does make a difference – over 75,000 of them in UKSE’s case. Those differences are jobs - 75,000 families or individuals have benefitted from finding gainful employment with one of the thousands of businesses that UKSE has helped.

There is never a quick fix for communities that are suffering when a major employer reduces its work force or closes down entirely. At UKSE, we focus on trying to create job opportunities within the small and medium-sized business community – we do this by providing funding and high quality, flexible business premises and together these help provide the right kind of environment in which entrepreneurs can grow their businesses and generate wealth and employment for our steel towns and cities.

And we don’t just talk about doing this work either – we’ve put our money where our mouth is – over £86 million to be a little more precise - UK Steel Enterprise and Tata have demonstrated that they are here to help in the long term and we are constantly evolving to make sure we continue to provide support in a relevant, flexible and productive manner – and this work must go on for as long as it is needed.

Simon Hamilton
Author: Simon Hamilton
Simon was appointed Managing Director in 2013. He brought wide experience in business banking and management to UKSE when he joined 16 years ago and headed the UKSE teams in the North of England region and Scotland for several years. During that time, he oversaw both the investment and property functions, including the development of the two multi-million pound Innovation Centres on Teesside.